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Skanem Liverpool achieves zero waste to landfill target

Skanem Liverpool has achieved its target of diverting all waste from landfill.

The Bromborough-based Skanem site, which is part of the self-adhesive label manufacturing group along with 13 other production facilities in nine countries throughout Europe, Asia and Africa, worked closely with recycling-led waste management company B&M Waste Services to divert all waste from landfill.

An on-site compactor, baler and various bins were installed to encourage segregation of the waste streams. Staff training on utilizing the equipment from a health and safety, as well as an environmental point of view, was conducted to ensure not only correct usage but increase buy-in as to the benefits to the environment of recycling.

Segregation of almost 1,200 tonnes of material made up of cardboard (one percent), adhesive LDPE (40 percent) and general waste (59 percent) in 2014 meant 100 percent diversion of waste from landfill. The adhesive LDPE is baled on-site, the cardboard is flattened and collected loose from the containers, and the residual waste is collected in containers for recovery rather than landfill. Residual waste (that which cannot be recycled) is processed and then sent to a combined heat and power plant.

In total this resulted in more than 800 tonnes of carbon saved by Skanem Liverpool in 2014, or the equivalent of planting 1,055 trees or removing 5.36 million car miles.

As the lead site in Western Europe for the group, Skanem Liverpool said it is taking its environmental responsibility seriously and can now ensure customers that their label products are being produced with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Paul Brewer, one of the production managers at Skanem Liverpool, said: ‘Working with B&M Waste Services to achieve our target of zero waste to landfill has been a pleasure. It is constantly looking at ways to help us with our recycling, and even assisted with staff training to help us obtain buy-in to segregation and its importance in keeping recycling streams clean to achieve the highest levels possible. B&M Waste Services is innovative and we as a company are so proud that we can now say 100% of our waste is diverted from landfill.’

Rosemary Warnock, corporate contracts manager at B&M Waste Services, added: ‘The Skanem team had a goal they wanted to achieve in line with their sustainability policy and we have enjoyed working with the team to achieve this.

‘As a carbon neutral business it is important to us that we accommodate our customer’s needs. We have experience in the manufacturing sector and in working with complex plastics for recycling. Our total waste management approach means we offer more than waste collections, we work alongside our customers to understand their needs, identify their various waste streams and use innovative solutions to achieve an efficient and environmentally effective waste management service.’