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Self-adhesives get the ‘stamp of approval'

FINAT November 2008

Denmark is to introduce self-adhesive technology to its postage stamps next year (2009) when the nation's postal service, Post Danmark, switches from gum-backed stamps to selfadhesive versions in response to public demand.

The Danish postal service has invested in new printing machinery that can produce selfadhesive or the traditional gummed stamps and will join other nations, such as the United Kingdom, in having the self-sticking stamps available for public purchase.
Post Danmark is one of the few authorities in the world still using the Intaglio printing process and until the adoption of the new printing machine w as unable to make the change to selfadhesives. The move will also be more environmentally friendly because "our total carbon dioxide emission will become less," said Allan Bo Hansen, sales and marketing manager of Post Danmark. The move has been welcomed by FINAT, the global trade association of the self-adhesive industry. Jakob Landberg, the Danish member of its PR committee, said: "We see this as another stamp of approval for the use of our technology."

Stamp collectors need not fear -the adhesive can be soaked off to enable the stamps to be mounted conventionally in albums. The self-adhesive stamps will be released next October or November.