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Schreiner ProTech showcases solutions addressing current trends towards miniaturization, precision, automation and authenticity protection

Schreiner ProTech at productronica 2011, hall B2, booth 312

Oberschleissheim, October 24, 2011 – As a specialist for industrial markings and functional assembly components, Schreiner ProTech will showcase its portfolio for the electronics industry at productronica 2011 in Munich from November 15 to 18. It includes self-adhesive labels for application to extremely small areas, miniature venting elements, RFID applications and die-cut conductor paths as well as reliable security features for counterfeiting protection. The innovative products are perfectly tailored to current industry trends such as miniaturization, complexity reduction and process optimization.

Mini components – major trend: solutions for miniaturization
Marking or bonding solutions are possible even in extremely small spaces, using the mini labels with a base area of 4 x 4 millimeters and the self-adhesive die-cut bonding parts from Schreiner ProTech. The mini die-cut bonding parts provide a fast and clean solution for joining assembly components within narrow tolerances. Printing-dispensing systems that are adapted to these applications guarantee easy and efficient processing of the mini labels and die-cut parts. The venting functionality of the pressure compensation seals (PCS) with a vent size of just 1.2 millimeters is miniaturized as well. At productronica, visitors can get a first-hand impression of the functionality of the membranes, which are air-permeable but waterproof, during live demonstrations of the product.

New techniques for efficient processes: die cutting instead of soldering
Die-cut metal foils are a cost-effective alternative for inserting electronic functionalities into components. The products are made by means of delicate die-cutting techniques and can be used for shielding and insulation purposes as well as for heat dissipation and electricity conduction. They even serve to produce conductor paths for electrical bonding of LEDs. The delicate die cutting of metal foils is an innovative solution to achieve functional films with flexible usability and offers a low-cost alternative to traditional manufacturing techniques.

Mastering complex demands: marking and tracking without line of sight
Schreiner ProTech’s ((rfid))-FlagTag enables the identification of components, such as solar modules, without line of sight. The reading range of the rating plate-integrated RFID transponder amounts to as much as 1.5 meters for mobile readers. This assures reliable readability of the rating data on the back of the solar module even after assembly. Trade fair visitors will have the opportunity to personally test the functionality of the ((rfid)-FlagTag on a module.

Intelligent solutions for higher security: customized counterfeiting protection
For product piracy protection, Schreiner ProTech integrates security features into the marking solutions. Overt, covert and digital features allow easy and reliable authentication by consumers and experts. At Schreiner ProTech’s trade fair booth visitors will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the various options available in the field of authenticity protection.