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Schreiner ProTech at Safety Week

Driver Safety Starts with Production

During Safety Week in Aschaffenburg (May 19 - 21, 2015), the focus will be on driver safety. In keeping with the concept that safety starts with production, at Safety Week Schreiner ProTech will above all be presenting two innovative solutions that optimize the production process in the automotive industry and subsequently reduce costs: Three special modifications of the ((rfid))-DistaFerr Label and two variants of self-adhesive Pressure Compensation Seals (PCS).

Small labels that guarantee high quality
The SL, Slim and Mini versions of Schreiner ProTech's ((rfid))-DistaFerr Label ensure consistent recording and quality management throughout the entire value chain. In contrast to standard RFID transponders that usually show only limited functions when used on metal, the performance of ((rfid))-DistaFerr Labels is excellent especially on metallic surfaces. The small size of these labels in combination with a reading range of up to four meters makes them perfect for marking metal components or containers and thus suitable for production, service and assembly processes in the automotive industry.

Pressure Compensation Seals for extreme conditions
The self-adhesive PCS HighProtect labels by Schreiner ProTech guarantee full functionality even in rough environments. In addition, their application is easy and space-saving. The functional components also withstand steam-jet cleaners and temperatures of -70°C and comply with the IP67, IP68 and IPX9K protection classes. Thus, they ensure smooth functioning of the components over their entire life cycle. Owing to its high resistance, this venting solution is especially suitable for applications in engine compartments and electronic control housings, which are subjected to exceptional stress. With an outer diameter of 3 mm and a membrane opening diameter of 1.2 mm, Mini PCSs offer the same technical specifications for the protection of sensor electronics as the standard size.

Making sure that the airbag saves lives
Apart from the above-mentioned highlights Schreiner ProTech will be displaying other solutions that make driving safer, such as Airbag Covers made from a special film. This product protects airbags against damaging exterior influences and takes up only minimal space. Inflatable Curtain Tapes will also be exhibited. They ensure that airbags remain rolled-up or folded. These fully printed functional parts prevent unintended opening from pre-assembly and installation in the vehicle up to airbag inflation. Airbag inflators made by Schreiner ProTech adjust the airbag's optimum inflation and thus also ensure proper functioning of the life-saving airbag itself.

Schreiner ProTech will be presenting these and other innovative solutions for safe driving at Safety Week 2015. Visit Schreiner ProTech at booth 28.