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Schreiner PrinTrust at Cartes 2014 in Paris, Stand 3 A 080

EMV-conformant NFC-Sticker paves way for contactless payment using smart phones

Cartes 2014 will be held in Paris from November 4 to 6. At the global event for payment, identification and mobility, Schreiner PrinTrust will be presenting the further development of the NFC-Sticker. The new EMV-conformant NFC-Sticker now meets even higher security standards and provides an efficient means of closing the gap between current card systems and future mobile payment systems.

The NFC-Sticker offers advantages to every market participant. For card manufacturers, it is an ideal product to complement their portfolios. Personalizers can inscribe the chip and surface with specific data on existing machines and commonly used standard processes. Banks can immediately enter the mobile payment business, and for consumers it offers a convenient, fast and secure means of payment. The NFC-Sticker is based on a Java operating system and easy to personalize. In addition to the payment function, Mifare emulation allows to enable further applications such as loyalty programs, ticketing or access solutions.

The new EMV-conformant version of the specialty label fulfills the highest performance and security criteria. As a result, several leaders in the smart card sector are actively including the NFC-Sticker in their portfolios and are already participating in the trend toward mobile NFC payment systems today.

Schreiner PrinTrust, Stand 3 A 080