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Schreiner MediPharm at Pharmapack Europe in Paris, Hall 5, Stand 1009

Flexi-Cap and Autoinjector-Labels: Schreiner MediPharm’s Specialty Labels Increase Patient Safety

Pharmaceutical products must be clearly labeled, and protected against counterfeiting and manipulation to increase patients' safety. From February 11 to 12, 2015, Schreiner MediPharm will showcase its innovative Flexi-Cap security concept at Pharmapack Europe in Paris. Flexi-Cap clearly indicates first opening of containers. Schreiner MediPharm will also present new features for Autoinjector-Labels, such as NFC chips for electronic tracking as well as patient communication.

Flexi-Cap: Preventing Illegal Re-Use of Empty, Original Containers
Dumpster diving involves removing empty medicine containers from waste containers, in order to refill them with counterfeit substances and sell them as alleged original products. With Flexi-Cap, Schreiner MediPharm has developed a security solution that clearly and irreversibly shows first opening of a primary container. Flexi-Cap features an innovative combination of a label and a film cap. The bottom portion of the cap and the label adhere to the container when it is unsealed. Attempting to remove the rest of the cap destroys the label.

The security concept enables flexible use with different container types, forms and sizes. In contrast to shrink-wrap solutions, the label design is applied without using heat, which also makes it suitable for temperature-sensitive medicines. Integrated extra security features such as holograms, color-shifting inks, guilloches or hidden features such as a void effects or covert color pigments give suppliers, pharmacists, healthcare personnel and patients extra reassurance that the product they are holding in their hands is genuine. In addition, Flexi-Cap’s top provides space for bar code printing or NFC chip integration. Thus, important user information can be communicated or patient compliance documented.

Multi-functional Labeling for Pens and Autoinjectors
User safety is paramount when developing pens and autoinjectors for self-injection. Schreiner MediPharm’s multi-functional label solutions support injection systems' high demands in terms of quality and reliability. The label functionalities can be individually combined to increase user comfort and patient safety.

For instance, the integration of NFC chips enables electronic tracking, patient communication or monitoring patient compliance. A printed QR code leads users to a website and important, additional information. Double-layered, reclosable labels protect the contents from UV rays if the pen is equipped with an inspection window to check the medicine. The label that encloses the cap features a perforation to indicate first opening of the autoinjector. The authenticity of the pen can be checked by means of various overt and covert anti-counterfeiting features. In addition, a special anti-slip varnish ensures safe handling, while an integrated temperature indicator shows the correct ambient temperature for injection.

Schreiner MediPharm, hall 5, stand 1009.

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