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Schreiner MediPharm at CPhI 2013 in Frankfurt, Hall 4.1, Booth 41A69

Increased Safety: Labels with Integrated Counterfeit Protection and Special Features for Safe Administration of Medications

From October 22 to 24, Schreiner MediPharm will be showcasing its multifunctional label solutions at InnoPack held in conjunction with the CPhI trade fair in Frankfurt. The focus will be placed on labels that protect pharmaceuticals against counterfeiting, allow safe and efficient handling in healthcare practice and increase patient safety. The product highlights at a glance: Pharma-Comb SE labels with security features, the Needle-Trap needle protection system and specialty labels for autoinjectors.

Pharma-Comb SE: Customized authenticity protection
With the new Pharma-Comb SE security label, Schreiner MediPharm offers the possibility to additionally equip the time-tested Pharma-Comb labels with security features. Depending on the application, various technologies for protection against counterfeiting can be combined to achieve the required security level. Customizable holograms, for example, achieve a high recognition effect and are too complex to be successfully copied by counterfeiters. Color-shifting security inks generate a specific color perception, depending on the angle of vision, and deliver a high level of counterfeiting protection. Tamper protection is provided by the integrated void effect. When detaching the label, messages or images separate from the film and thus prevent undetected re-utilization of the label. Covert LaserSecure ink pigments make authentication possible by means of a special reader.

Needle-Trap: Innovative needle protection
For protection against needlestick injuries, Schreiner MediPharm has developed Needle-Trap, which meets all the legal requirements and market demands of advanced needle protection systems. The needle protection system consists of a label-integrated needle trap that secures the blood-contaminated needle after the injection. Needle-Trap is easy to operate by healthcare staff. Furthermore, detachable label parts ensure reliable documentation of the administered injections. Additional functions such as graduations or counterfeit protection can be integrated into the label.

Autoinjector labels: Ease of use
The labeling solutions for injection aids enhance ease of use and patient safety. As a development partner, Schreiner MediPharm closely collaborates with the pharmaceutical manufacturers, in order to adapt every label to the individual injection system. Functionalities such as a temperature indicator, UV protection for the inspection window, detachable labels parts as well as counterfeit protection features and an option for abrasion-resistant subsequent variable marking enhance user comfort and safety.