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Schreiner Group’s New Security Production Facilities Obtain MasterCard®-GVCP Certification

Some months ago, Schreiner PrinTrust moved its NFC Sticker production facilities from Waldvoegeleinstrasse in Munich to headquarters in Oberschleissheim. Now the new location has obtained the GVCP certification of MasterCard®. The NFC Sticker manufactured there enables contact-free payment of small amounts.

The certification according to MasterCard®’s Global Vendor Certification Program (GVCP) confirms that following the successful move of Production into the new, ultra-modern security building at Bruckmannring, Schreiner Group still continues to provide the necessary security infrastructure and thus to comply with the required security standards throughout the entire production process of the NFC Sticker. The chip integrated into the label is based on the transmission standards of passive HF-RFID tags according to ISO 14443 and contains a specific MasterCard® software application. The NFC Sticker is available in different variants and is applied wherever activities can be triggered with a card in a contact-free manner. This includes payments, customer cards, proof of identity or access badges.

"We are very happy that our extensive alterations and adaptations of the security measures at headquarters meet MasterCard®'s exacting requirements and ensure successful continuation of NFC Sticker production," explains Richard Stooss, Senior Business Development Manager at Schreiner PrinTrust. Thus, the NFC Sticker – a specialty label with integrated Near Field Communiction (NFC) technology – is well equipped for future use as a contactless credit card. The innovative product gives access to all PayPass™ stations of MasterCard® worldwide and can be applied to virtually any everyday object. Most end consumers simply adhere the Sticker to the reverse side of their mobile phone and use it to conveniently pay small amounts.