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Schreiner Group wins at FINAT Labeling Competition

International label industry competition

The 30th international labeling competition sponsored by FINAT saw Schreiner Group win the special "Innovation" award for as much as the eleventh consecutive time. In addition, the company was the winner in the "Security" category and achieved four other awards. FINAT is the global umbrella organization representing manufacturers of self-adhesive labels and related products and services. The awards were presented in Valencia on June 10, 2010.

This year, Schreiner Group received "Special Awards - Innovation" recognition for new products and applications for its "RF activated EL" (Radiofrequent activated Electroluminescence) product: a light display which is activated in a contactless process by transmission of radio signals and is used in conjunction with admission passes or payment displays. "I am particularly proud of this award," says Helmut Schreiner, managing shareholder of Schreiner Group. "The fact that we have achieved this top position for as much as the eleventh time in a row now demonstrates the importance which innovation has at Schreiner Group."

The company received the award in the "Security" category for its Vehicle Emissions Inspection Seal, which protects the official German vehicle emissions inspection certificate against tampering and counterfeiting. In addition to these two first places, FINAT recognized four other products from Schreiner Group with a "Highly Commended" certificate: an RFID baggage tape for reliable, automated tampering detection on pieces of baggage; the "Needle-Trap" needle protection label which helps prevent needlestick injuries in daily healthcare practice; the "Pharma-Comb SL Label" with self-lifting label parts for easy and reliable marking of pharmaceuticals and the "Contactless Payment Sticker" (CPS) for quick, contactless payment of small amounts of money.