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Schreiner Group Receives Important US Printing Award

Airbags save lives, but need to be labeled correctly and deploy at the right moment to do so. A marking label and an airbag tape from Schreiner Group ensure that. Now both products have been recognized with the prestigious TLMI Award.

Every year, the American Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI) nominates the best products of the printing industry. In selecting award-winning entries, the judging panel places particular emphasis on innovation and technical achievement. The prestigious recognition has previously gone to Schreiner Group from Oberschleissheim, Germany, on several occasions. In the 2021 TLMI Awards competition, Schreiner Group was able to celebrate two wins: a first-place award for its marking label of an airbag control unit and a second-place award for its airbag tape. Both are products from the Schreiner ProTech business unit that develops innovative marking solutions and film-based functional parts specifically for the Mobility market.

All the individual components have to be installed correctly to ensure the protective effect of an airbag. The marking label from Schreiner ProTech that won a first-place TLMI Award supports that. The special aspect of this product is a combination of the material and adhesive system ensuring reliable adhesion of the label throughout the entire lifecycle of the airbag control unit. Security slits prevent non-destructive removal of the label, for instance by product pirates to mark counterfeit components—which enhances product safety for manufacturers and consumers significantly.

A second-place award went to the airbag tape, another entry from Schreiner ProTech. This product has several functions as well, featuring customized printing and serving as an installation aid and tape rolled into one. The tape is produced specifically for head and shoulder airbags, which are tube-like, folded airbags attached to the vehicle’s body shell. The airbag tape keeps them in their folded condition—from pre-assembly to installation in the vehicle to potential airbag deployment.

For CEO Roland Schreiner, the awards are tremendous motivation: “I am delighted that we were so successful in the TLMI Awards once again—this time with as many as two awards. That shows that our innovations are seen and motivates us immensely.” The high-tech company has had its own US site in Blauvelt, New York, since 2008–and has been a supplier to the American market for more than 20 years.