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Safety and quality rank first - Apex International wins multi-city safety prize

A safe working environment and a good quality management are of high importance within the whole Apex organization. “We are proud that our continuous efforts are being honored with the OBGB/KVO safety prize. We put special emphasis on modern plants with state-of-the-art technology that is in perfect order and condition”, says Marian Waterschoot, CEO of Apex International. “According to our global company mission, safety comes always first, no matter whether you visit an Apex plant in Europe or in the US. It is a matter of course for us that our plants are always clean, because this is the only way we can maintain the high quality standards we have in all our plants. Moreover all processes we are working with in our global production facilities are environmental friendly.”

To reward these efforts, Apex Europe in Hapert, The Netherlands, has recently been awarded with the OBGB/KVO prize, a local multi-city prize that honors each year a company in the field of safety, obstruction of escape routes, protection/safeguarding and theft sensitivity. Out of all 10 nominees, Apex Europe was able to achieve the best results. Gerard Swaanen, member of the KVO team: “This year we donate the award to Apex, because of their excellent safety precautions. We congratulate both, management and employees!”

Marian Waterschoot: „It is very important to us that our machines run safe all the time. Our high safety standards ensure that risks for our own employees and for our products, and by this also for our customers are as low as possible. All employees within Apex are proud to be part of the global Apex group, a team of hard working people that continuously aims to maintain the outstanding standards of our safety and quality management system. Apex customers, no matter where their operations are, can and should expect to see our core values of quality, safety and environmental friendliness in each of our plants worldwide.”