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Safe labels for food packaging

Ritrama SpA, the leading Italian manufacturer of self-adhesive materials with 24 production facilities worldwide, has enhanced its range of high performance food labelling materials with the introduction of TC8 top coating, the fully certified treatment which is perfectly combined with selected adhesives to come into contact with food.

All packaged foods come with a nutrition label to provide dietary information. The food packaging industry must meet strict regulations to guarantee the safe use of packaging, which does not contaminate food. This includes labelling, which as an integral part of food packaging, is regulated by specific directives. The stringent requirements a label has to comply with to be considered a suitable packaging material in the food industry include application to cold and moist surfaces, contact with fatty substances, oil, and storage at deep freeze temperatures.

Food Labels do not only communicate important nutritional data in compliance with strict regulation to ensure consumer confidence and safety, but they also serve to attract customers to particular products on the shelves. Our food range features a variety of materials for all food labelling requirements. There is an extensive selection of filmic and paper face materials to provide information and create safe and attractive labels to promote the brand.

EC 1935/2004 & EU 10/2011 Regulation

Standards in the food industry are EC 1935/2004 - about the use of packaging, which does not contaminate food - as also EU 10/2011, which specifically refers to all components of a filmic multi-layer label construction considered part of food packaging: this includes face materials, adhesives and top coatings. 

Ritrama offers an extensive selection of innovative label materials that meet the overall framework of food regulations. The products which, feature the ISEGA approved top coating TC8 and our adhesives for contact with food, are fully compliant with European Food Regulations EC 1935/2004 and EU 10/2011; the American FDA 175.105 (Food and Drugs Administration) standard and the German Recommendations on Food Contact Materials issued by BfR (Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung), the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment. 

All relevant documentation and copies of approvals and compliance declarations are available on request. For more information, please refer to your Ritrama Sales Representative.