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Rotometal Launch Magnetic Cylinders Aluminium: Innovative, Lightweight Solutions

Rotometal's Magnetic Cylinders Aluminium are designed with customer expectations in mind, offering a lighter and easier-to-assemble magnetic cylinder made of high-quality aluminium alloy. The aerospace-grade aluminium ensures low weight while maintaining high strength and hardness, resulting in stable and safe operation.

The Magnetic Cylinders Aluminium from Rotometal boasts numerous advantages, including very high product quality, easier assembly and disassembly, and simpler storage. The cylinder body is made of corrosion-resistant hard aluminium, with raceways and axles hardened to over 62 ┬▒ 2HRC for extended service life. Precise workmanship ensures an axial runout accuracy of -0.01 mm and a cylinder gap of 0.003 mm.

Additionally, the use of special ferrite magnets results in high adhesion of the die, with the option to use neodymium magnets for increased attraction strength. The auxiliary line on the cylinder body facilitates die assembly, and pins can be used for positioning the die. The multi-stage production process eliminates glue emergence issues, and cylinder regeneration is possible.

With lower transport costs and energy consumption due to the cylinder's reduced weight, Magnetic Cylinders Aluminium provides significant savings. Customers can also choose additional options, such as standard or hardened gears.

For more information on our range of Magnetic Cylinders Aluminium or to order online, either contact one of our sales team or head to rotometal.pl/en/rotoshop

Rotometal produces bespoke magnetic and print cylinders for printing machines. Rotometal exports 80% of its production around the globe, including Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Rotometal owes its high international competitiveness to its technical know-how and customer relations which it has been developing for many years. The company is a leader in Poland and has a significant share of the European market.