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Rotometal Launch Composite Rotometal Sleeves (CRO Sleeves)

  • CRO Sleeves (Composite Rotometal sleeves) are a construction of a blend of Epoxy and Glass Fibre resin for heat resistance and strength
  • Produced with a bespoke lightweight honeycomb for weight, strength and durability.
  • Their design allows them to be long-lasting and consistent in the production process allowing our customers to optimise their manufacturing process.

Rotometal CRO Sleeves, Lightweight, Durable Composite Sleeves

What is a CRO Sleeve? It’s our lightweight, durable Composite Rotometal Sleeve. It’s a sleeve that simply makes our customers happier. CRO Sleeves have a light and stable structure for consistent print results, easy handling, smooth installation on press and quick make ready.

They help our customers’ production process become easier to control versus alternative products available on the market. This allows us to take a worry off their minds as they look to optimise their manufacturing process.

It’s a combination of features that makes this possible.

From the Epoxy and Glass Fibre resin that guarantees high mechanical strength to the advanced thermoplastic honeycomb layer that adds lightness along with pressure and heat resistance.

It all comes together to make one of the best composite sleeve solutions on the market.


The inner and outer layers are produced with a unique Epoxy and Glass Fibre resin that are resistant to high temperatures and possesses high hardness (>80ShD). The high-temperature resistance and hardness allow us to utilise this construction method in multiple applications such as ANILOX cylinders, narrow web products and wide web products. The strength of this material allows for the CRO Sleeve to have incredibly precise dimensional stability.

The volume building layer is a bespoke lightweight foam honeycomb, again designed to be resistant to the influence of temperature and pressure. It’s designed with a close texture containing specially designed channels for the resin to flow within during the production process. This allows us to use less resin but at the same time improve the strength and durability of the overall construction.

The combination of resistance to pressure and temperature means that our CRO Sleeves will be long-lasting and consistent over time.