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ROTOCONTROL and EMT International collaborate with Monopteros

ROTOCONTROL and EMT International have entered into an international collaboration with Monopteros for a comprehensive in-company on-site and remote training program addressing sustainability goals for their facilities in Siek, Germany and Hobart, USA. The collaboration will focus on education in sustainable production and establish qualification measures to ultimately benefit customers in the printing and packaging sector.

Behind this initiative is the acknowledgement that climate change and ongoing sustainability discussions can be seen as an opportunity to introduce targeted measures and an internal qualification process, for better business practices today and in the future. The goal of the training program is to empower employees, retain and attract qualified skilled people, share knowledge and valuable insights, and adapt to the newly required management processes and reporting.

Monopteros is an interdisciplinary consulting company with a focus on sustainability analysis, management, and education. With the theme ‘sustainability in everyday business and reporting,’ Monopteros’ aim is to convey the necessary basics, create awareness, present the essential tools, and bring a common level of knowledge for cross-departmental collaboration at ROTOCONTROL and EMT International.

Topics to be addressed in the modular training and consulting program provided by Monopteros include an introduction to sustainability issues, calculating carbon and material footprints, re-design of products and processes, risk management, sustainability-related reporting, as well as implementing related strategies and addressing them in the daily work environment.

“Being qualified in the area of sustainability is an elementary component of modern business management and cooperation with customers in the change towards sustainability,” said Dr. Michael Has, partner at Monopteros. “Companies interested in sustainability, and ultimately all companies must be, are increasingly asking how they can ensure that production is as resource-conserving and energy-saving as possible when it comes to new products or the re-design of existing production methods and product range.”

Marco Aengenvoort, Managing Director of ROTOCONTROL, sees this initiative as especially beneficial for customers. "Through this cooperation between ROTOCONTROL, EMT International, and the well-known consulting company Monopteros, our customers will benefit from the assurance that sustainability requirements are a priority to us for printed products and services in this industry.

“Focusing on sustainability as a key part of our portfolio is also beneficial in that, in addition to providing sustainable production solutions, it attracts interest from our partners, customers, and their customers to this evolving area.

“We look forward to leveraging these proven qualifications from Monopteros and Dr. Has in the area of sustainable production and mandatory reporting for our customers. It is another way we are pursuing our mission to ensure our high-performance printing and finishing systems can be operated with practical and environmentally sustainable capabilities."

Those interested in more information about this collaboration program can send a request to info@rotocontrol.com or has@monopteros.net.