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ROTOCON assists TubePac International establish globally competitive tube manufacturing facility

ROTOCON has assisted TubePac International with sourcing and implementing printing and finishing technologies to establish a globally competitive multi-layer and HDPE mono-material tube manufacturing facility in Johannesburg.

Featured equipment in this specialised turnkey project at TubePac is an MPS EF430 fully automated flexo printing press built with multi-web functionalities and the MPS Ultra-flex rail system to incorporate a range of converting modules. The press includes the MPSConnect feature enabling real-time data collection for all printing and operational related processes such as web speed and tension, power usage, register and pressure settings, alarm messaging, humidity, and environmental temperature.

ROTOCON connected TubePac with Acme Graphics to fingerprint the eight colour MPS EF430 press for ECG printing the multi layer and HDPE laminate material flexographically. Acme’s MultiGamut® single colour system helps TubePac print without spot colours, using a fixed palette system such as CMYK plus orange, green and violet. By adopting ECG printing on the MPS EF430 from the outset, TubePac has significantly enhanced its profitability and reduced its environmental footprint.

The MPS press is mounted with an EyeC ProofRunner 100% inline inspection system and is connected via EyeC’s Quality Link workflow system software to a ROTOCON CHROME RSI 430 slitter/rewinder to check and remove any detected defects in the text, graphics, colour variations, variable data, or 1D and 2D codes to meet the stringent quality standards demanded by the cosmetics and personal care sectors.

ROTOCON’s highly-customisable CHROME RSI 430 slitter/rewinder was specified with an upgraded drive system to rewind the tension-sensitive laminate materials at output rates of up to 320m/min, as well as an automatic slitting system to improve production efficiencies. Also purchased was ROTOCON’s ECOLINE ultrasonic anilox roller cleaner which quickly removes ink and dirt from any line count anilox cells. ROTOCON’s service technicians led the installation of all equipment.

The partnership between ROTOCON’s managing director Patrick Aengenvoort and TubePac International’s managing director Glenton Pick began in 2018. "ROTOCON is honoured to be part of TubePac’s journey in supplying state-of-the-art technologies required for this project, and witness Glenton and his team realize their goal of localised tube packaging production," said Aengenvoort. “Glenton stands as a beacon of perseverance, adaptability, and self-belief. ROTOCON is excited to continue nurturing this long-term partnership with TubePac International and their planned second growth phase.”

“Our vision from the outset has been to create a globally competitive production facility that stays ahead of the tube technology curve and facilitates brands in reducing the trade deficit by decreasing the percentage of completed tube imports (currently at 70 to 75%) via localised manufacturing capacity,” concludes Pick.