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Robuskin® - Recycling and disposal

MDV has announced properties of their Robuskin® films. They are generally recyclable, provided that they have been properly prepared and cleaned.

Their uncoated Robuskin® films (=ECO) can be put together in combination with polymer products of the same category according to the following table and re-used for the production of new pure plastic products.

Coated Robuskin® films, on the other hand, have special surface coatings that help achieve optimum printing results depending on the printing process. Therefore, they cannot be disposed of as per the base film polymer, rather it falls under the recycling category: "7-Other".

The material can be ground and used as an additive and filler material in the production of thick-walled plastic moulds and profiles (downcycling), for instance. Of course, raw material recycling (gasification, cracking, and hydrogenation) can also be carried out. At present, incineration with energy recovery looks like the most reasonable exploitation in economic sense. Landfilling can also be carried out with inert material. The respective national and local regulations must be adhered to for each disposal method.