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Ritrama’s new top coating (TCF) for food labelling is the answer!

Stringent Criteria
There are stringent criteria which a label has to meet in order to be considered a suitable packaging material in the food industry: application to cold and moist surfaces, contact with fatty substances and oil and storage at deep freeze temperatures. Self-adhesive materials are regulated by EC 1935/2004 requiring the use of packaging which does not contaminate food, and also EU 10/2011, a standard which specifically refers to all components of a filmic multi-layer label construction which forms part of food packaging: this includes face materials, adhesives and top coatings.

Face material+TCF+adhesive = a fully certified product for food applications!
Ritrama’s range of self-adhesive FOOD labelling materials includes two polypropylene films, two polyethylenes and a coated paper. All these face materials, including the films which feature the specialist coating (TCF) and their adhesives are fully compliant with the major directives governing the food industry: ISEGA, the BfR (German Recommendations on Food Contact Materials) and EU regulations for direct contact to dry and moist foodstuff as well as US standard FDA (Food and Drugs Administration).

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