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Ritrama S.p.A. Announces 'Scandinavian Partner'

Ritrama S.p.A., the family company leading self-adhesive materials producer with Headquarters in Milan, Italy and production facilities all over the world, has teamed up with Wasberger AB, a well-known independent company serving the graphical label industry in the Scandinavian countries for more than 40 years, with representatives in each country having a deep knowledge of the label printing market and the converters’ requirements. The intention is to jointly develop the market in the Scandinavian countries with sales locally, offering the customers the extensive Ritrama Roll Product Range via a fast delivery service thanks to a top-notch logistics organization built up by Ritrama and Wasberger,

Ritrama S.p.A., thanks to their 50-year experience actively innovating the pressure sensitive industry, offers a wide range of self-adhesive products ranging from standard papers to direct thermal products, from synthetics for the consumers’ market to advanced films for technically engineered applications, availing of the Ritrama’s extensive range of adhesives, designed for virtually all known “Label Applications”.

The Wasberger group is located in Sweden (Nordic), with branches in Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Italy and offers a wide range of commodity products as well as special products for the graphical label industry as well as Grafotronic conversion machines and equipment.

For more information please contact Mr. Alessandro Benassati, Sales Director at Ritrama S.p.A. or Mr. Staffan Hagberg, Director at Wasberger AB. www.wasberger.se www.ritrama.com