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Ritrama SpA, the Italian multinational leader in the sector with 20 offices on five continents, presents EDEN, the revolutionary natural paper specifically for the labelling of wine, spirits and beer. What makes EDEN particularly innovative is its "environment-friendly" composition: it is composed of up to 50% dried grass fibers and the remainder of pure virgin cellulose fibers.

The label has to convince consumers to buy a bottle of wine. The label must interpret the wine’s personality, story, quality, taste and fragrance. EDEN inherently transmits the values of a natural, healthy, organic and environmentally friendly product. It will be one of the flagship products of the next "Wine, spirit and craft beer label collection” labels and films (the new and rich catalogue, complete with a wide range of specific materials for the labelling of wine, beer and spirits).

Besides the unmistakable grain of the face material, colour and perfume (yes, it smells like grass), the innovative composition also ensures the lowest possible environmental impact. In fact, the presence of up to 50% of dried grass fibers in the pulp, reduces drastically the consumption of water and electricity, with a consequent reduction in the quantity of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

Therefore, with the introduction of EDEN - another FSC® (FSC-C106281) certified product - in the next "Wine, spirit and craft beer label collection", Ritrama confirms its commitment to the development of an environmental and production policy that places particular emphasis on sustainable and technologically innovative solutions for customers. This commitment is reflected above all in the constant support of the FSC® principles in favour of responsible forest management. As paper is a vital raw material, Ritrama is committed to offer its customers products that meet the most stringent requirements of the FSC® Chain of Custody.

With such a name, it couldn't have been otherwise. A pure and unique name, reminding of the perfect coexistence between man and nature. EDEN is thus the optimal choice to tell the story and life of all those wines and beers produced according to ancient and artisanal methods, obtained with organic and sustainable methods, just like EDEN.