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RI-MOVE is the series of paper and film materials specially designed for the labelling of containers and bottles for recycling and reuse.

The legislative objectives in terms of recycling and reuse of packaging are more and more stringent. This increases the need to produce packaging that can be recycled as effectively as possible. Arconvert-Ritrama therefore makes its technology available to support brand owners with RI-MOVE, a series of self-adhesive materials developed to meet both the most stringent requirements for recycling and reuse of glass and PET containers and the needs of customers.

The right products for reusable glass containers. The RI-MOVE Glass series, thanks to the AR816 and WR40 adhesive technologies combined with film and paper face materials, ensures a quick release of the label from the bottle without leaving residues. These adhesives have been designed to remain adherent to the label without leaving any contaminants in the washing system itself. The WR40 adhesive can be virtually combined with any paper face of the range.

For clean, fast and easy recycling of PET containers. RI-MOVE PET’s AR842 adhesive is designed to detach cleanly from PET flakes allowing polypropylene label fragments to float in the hot alkaline bath during the industrial washing, as required by the industrial pet recycling processes. The PET fragments, which are now clean and residue-free, can be recycled to produce the highest quality PET. As a proof of its reliability, RI-MOVE PET has obtained an important certification - from the German Institut Cyclos, HTP - regarding the Recycling Compatibility of Packaging components, attesting that RI-MOVE PET is fully compatible for recycling in application on PET bottles.