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Reproflex first platemaking specialist in Scandinavia accredited ‘best in class’ under Esko program

Reproflex Scandinavia A/S (Reproflex) has become the first platemaking and prepress specialist in the region to achieve best in class certification under the XPS Crystal Program from Esko.

The accreditation means Reproflex customers now benefit from an extra level of quality assurance, with the confidence that best practice in production processes ensures consistency and quality of final print. As an accredited business, Reproflex now benefits from benchmarking and identification of best practice around quality control processes and production efficiency.

“While our work in labels, corrugated and preprint is an important part of our product portfolio, the largest part of our business involves flexible packaging for film, lamination and paper,” said Reproflex CEO Thomas Borge Christensen. “Our customers in this area rightly demand the best of us, and we take pride in producing plates that repeatedly and consistently deliver the best print quality.”

With three facilities in Denmark, Reproflex specializes in services covering the entire value chain from design, artwork, prepress, proofing, color management and flexo plate production. The company uses the full Esko ecosystem of software from design through to production, before the plates are produced using the industry leading Esko CDI 5080 Crystal plate imager and the XPS 5080 Crystal exposure unit.

“Our sales partners are mainly flexo printing houses, but our customers also include advertising agencies, design producers and brand owners,” said Thomas. “After installing our Esko Crystal line in May 2020, we optimized the quality of our plate production and have used the combination of integrated Esko software and hardware to deliver plates that surpass all our customers’ expectations.”

Mike Ball, Esko Regional Sales Manager, said it had been a pleasure to guide the Reproflex team through the certification process. “The XPS Crystal Program was developed to recognize those businesses that consistently produce superior plates, which lead to superior flexographic print quality,” he said. “Through achieving certification, Reproflex has not only proven it can repeatedly produce plates made to the highest quality and consistency, but the company has become the first in Scandinavia to be awarded best in class certification from Esko.”

Mike said the combination of the Esko CDI Crystal 5080 with the XPS Crystal 5080 enabled Reproflex to streamline its flexo platemaking with a more efficient workflow, while also producing plates of a superior quality. “With the CDI Crystal 5080 XPS at the heart of the plate room, manual steps are significantly reduced, which leads to a reduction in errors and ultimately less plate waste, as well as delivering efficiency gains through requiring less operator time,” he said. “With the complete Esko in-line set-up, Reproflex is able to supply the highest quality plates, even more efficiently.”

The XPS Crystal Certification Program is open to all users of the innovative Esko XPS Crystal exposure unit, the award-winning technology which optimally combines UV main and back exposure, using LEDs that always emit consistent UV light.

“The program was developed to ensure the entire supply chain can meet the exacting needs and requirements of brands and converters in terms of predictable and accurate plate quality and the highest plate making consistency available, for any given photopolymer,” added Mike. “Through this certification program we are delighted to be able to recognize that Thomas and the Reproflex team are leading the way in Scandinavia.”

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