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Raising the Hurdle for Counterfeiters: Tailored Authenticity Protection with the Pharma-Comb Label by Schreiner MediPharm

Marking Solution with Detachable Label Parts and Security Features

Schreiner MediPharm develops customized, reliable means of marking pharmaceutical products to enhance protection against piracy and tampering. The Pharma-Comb label offers a wide range of security features that address the specific needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers and meet the requirements of EU Regulation 2011/62/EU for prescription drugs.

The Pharma-Comb label is a versatile marking solution with detachable label parts. Equipped with integrated security features, the label becomes an effective means of providing pharmaceuticals with customized authenticity protection. Overt features like holograms or color-shifting security inks are combined with covert features such as the void effect or the LaserSecure specialty pigment into multi-level security systems, depending on the requirements.

Complex holograms confront potential counterfeiters with big hurdles. The holograms can be customized and with their distinctive designs are easily recognizable. Furthermore, due to their high-grade appeal, holograms enhance the value of the label.

Color-shifting security inks
Color-shifting inks generate a specific color perception, depending on the angle of vision or lighting conditions. Due to worldwide controls imposed on the supply of security inks, their availability is limited. Color-shifting security inks thus provide a high level of counterfeit protection. The effect is visible by the naked eye or means of special filters.

Void effect
An integrated void effect reliably indicates that a label has been detached. This is achieved by a visible message or image that irreversibly emerges from a solid-colored area. Even if the seal should be accurately reapplied the previously triggered “warning message” remains.

Due to their customized formulation, LaserSecure color pigments represent an optical fingerprint and offer clear proof of authenticity. The nano pigments are integrated into the label and make authentication possible by means of a special reader.

The detachable label parts perform additional security functions. When detaching them from the substrate, the message “peel-off part has been removed” becomes visible. Other security features embedded in the detachable label part make authentication checks possible even after the label has been attached to the patient’s medical records. The Pharma-Comb label provides government authorities, pharmacists and healthcare staff with an easy means of authenticating pharmaceuticals, while protecting patients against counterfeit and inferior products. At the same time, the pharmaceutical manufacturer benefits from a tailored solution that can be integrated into the existing corporate and brand design, while complying with the high approval requirements of the “Falsified Medicines Directive.”