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Pulse Roll Label Products Moves Forward to Introduce the Next Evolution of Printing Inks at Labelexpo 2019

Narrow web ink specialist Pulse Roll Label Products Ltd is poised to unveil the next evolution of its PureTone UV flexo printing inks at Labelexpo Europe 2019 in Brussels from 24-27 September 2019.

In response to recent regulatory changes, the company’s flagship UV flexo ink system, PureTone, and its PureTone FPC (food packaging compliant) inks, have both been reformulated to comply with the very latest EuPIA guidelines and industry standards. In addition, the new developments also further optimise product quality and performance, bringing to market the latest generation of narrow web UV flexo inks for the global label and package printing industry during the 40th anniversary edition of the world’s largest label show.

Mikaela Harding, Product Manager, Pulse Roll Label Products, said, “We’ve reformulated our PureTone and PureTone FPC process inks and mixing bases in response to the recent reclassifications of selected raw materials used in the manufacture of UV printing inks. Labelexpo Europe is always a great platform to share our latest product developments with the global label and narrow web industry so we are very pleased to be introducing the next evolution of our UV flexo inks in September. The 2019 Labelexpo theme of ‘moving your business forward’ is very apt as we build on PureTone’s success to introduce the next generation of our flagship ink system. As well as complying with regulatory changes, and as part of our ongoing drive for continuous improvement, our R&D team has also taken the opportunity to incorporate product enhancements in terms of rheology and flow. These developments further optimise our inks in terms of quality and on-press performance, so we are excited to be bringing to market the next evolution of our PureTone and PureTone FPC ink systems.”

Building on the original PureTone concept launched at Labelexpo Europe in 2015, the reformulated high strength process inks and mono-pigmented mixing bases allow cleaner, brighter colours and, when combined with digital colour management tools and pre-press proofing, provide accurate and consistent colour every time.

PureTone, and PureTone FPC, also offer a single ink system that can be used across multiple substrates including paper, board and film and are suitable for applications that include self-adhesive labels, wrap-around labels, tickets and tags and, increasingly popular, shrink sleeve labels.

Pulse Roll Label Products will perform live PureTone ink mixing and colour matching demonstrations embracing the opportunity to showcase its new colour database using X-Rite’s InkFormulation Software. Supporting narrow web market trends, the ink manufacturer will also promote a closed loop colour management approach that ensures print matches proof every time benefiting both label printers and brand owners. The company will also focus on the advantages of expanded gamut printing using 7 colour PureTone process printing.

Its high-strength PureAqua water-based flexo ink system will also feature with live demos for the first time that, alongside its PureTone UV flexo colour matchings, will showcase first-hand the value of achieving accurate and consistent brand colour irrespective of the printing process. Formulated for use on coated and uncoated papers, thermal papers and films, PureAqua offers a single ink system that can achieve the highest level of colour consistency and print quality on multiple substrates.

Sarah Harriman, Marketing & Communications Manager, Pulse Roll Label Products said, “We are very excited to be taking part in the 40th anniversary edition of Labelexpo Europe in September, where we’ll be performing live demos and showcasing our latest product developments. The world of inks, varnishes and coatings is constantly evolving so we will also be working with other leading experts to present innovative solutions that help our customers, and the label industry, to move forward in the most efficient way possible.”

Other developments to be featured at the show include the company’s new PureBright Silver and Gold UV flexo metallics inks, its revamped range of PureWhite opaque white inks and its new PureFinish UV flexo cold foil adhesive and UV flexo primers.