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Pressure-sensitive labels - New AWA market study

With a 40% share of the total labeling market, pressure-sensitive labels are still the leading label format around the world, as the sixth edition of AWA Alexander Watson Associates’ new AWAreness™ Report: Global Pressure-sensitive Label Market 2020 confirms.

Not only that -- in 2019, pressure-sensitive labeling enjoyed 3.3% growth.

Regional markets

Today, the Asian region represents the highest percentage of the pressure-sensitive label market, with a 38% share -- and is still growing. North America, Europe, and even South America also experienced growth in 2019. However, the fastest-growing, but currently small, regional market is now Africa and Middle East, which saw 3.6% growth last year – and is a new focus point for the labeling and packaging industry as a whole.

End-use markets

Globally, the food and beverage end-use segments represent the highest usage of pressure-sensitive labels in primary labeling applications, with a 44% share of the total market. However, significantly, transport and logistics applications represent a 47% share of pressure-sensitive usage today – a sign of the times, since variable information printing is the key factor in supporting a safe, trustworthy e-commerce/internet sales supply chain.

Later: post-COVID-19 impact analysis

The pressure-sensitive label market is explored and documented in detail in this new study from a long-established specialist market research firm, and subscribers will also benefit from a complimentary supplementary post-COVID-19 impact report on the market which AWA will publish in Q3 2020.

Details of the full content and coverage of the AWAreness Report Global Pressure-sensitive Label Market 2020 are available on the AWA website, www.awa-bv.com, where it is also possible to order online.