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The PRATI team reveals the new company logo and website

We are proud to announce the launch of our new company logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our company's brand.

“One of the most important qualities of a label is the clarity with which it informs you. We abide by this and have redesigned our logo to clearly convey this vision. We are PRATI, we build solutions for the label finishing sector and we are proud of the vitality there is in our company, working toward improving our business every day. We want our customers to feel that energy and be optimistic about their future, too. ”

Chiara Prati
sales & marketing manager

... and the surprises don't end here! The English version of the new website is now online. Further languages will come soon.

What are you waiting for? Visit our new website right now! www.praticompany.com

"As a global company we are constantly looking to communicate in the simplest way possible to a global audience. Clear information, easy navigation and few clicks are the best way to enable our stakeholders to quickly appreciate the benefits of working with PRATI.
PRATI is a brand; it’s also a group of people working together with a clear objective. We wanted to share the human side of our company with our global audience, so one of the features which you will discover on our new website are the faces behind the facts, the team behind the technologies.”

Micaela Roncaglia
communications manager