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PRATI Starplus Solution for non-stop rewinding

STARplus SOLUTION for non-stop rewinding The glueless stand alone turret rewinder dedicated to the low value-added label sector

By means of this machine, designed for companies without need for an inspection system, PRATI Company confirms its presence in all segments of the label industry, from those specializing in extremely sophisticated jobs to those involved in making low value-added labels, while always providing the high standards of reliability, precision and strength distinguishing all the systems made by the Company, the standards of excellence of which are unparalleled on the market.

The STARplus series does in fact represent that new generation of turret rewinder designed to operate non-stop in line on any printing machine. Thanks to its automatic rewinding tension control system, independent of the tension of the main machine, the four-shaft STARplus star rewinder ensures utmost compatibility, even with outdated machines. Its advanced servo motion with integrated in-feed nip, besides ensuring greater precision, permits cutting energy use by 40 percent compared to motors of other design and its use in continuous multi-shift production cycles. Perfectly smooth machine process even with new very thin ECO materials.

Extremely compact in terms of dimensions, STARplus also exploits a glueless hooking technology; the rewinding of the lanes on the core is extremely clean and does not require the use of consumables, with a further benefit for both the customer and in terms of environment sustainability. The reels are closed with ID labels and the machine also independently manages the hooking, spacing, positioning and application phases.

Size changeover only takes a few minutes thanks to fully automatic slitting blade and label applicator control. To set a new work cycle, all you have to do therefore is change the shafts.

STARplus can be equipped with a broad range of accessories, including the automatic core loader, and also the new KERS system which, by permitting the re-use of the kinetic energy produced by the main printing machine, otherwise dissipated, provides added economic and ecological value.

Such features make the new PRATI Company independent turret – an alternative solution to the traditional slitter/rewinder – extremely appealing.
It was in fact no chance occurrence that during the Labelexpo Europe 2013 show, the strongest interest on the part of industry operators as regards PRATI Company products was directed towards not only top-of-the-range systems like ALHENA IML and PHARMACHECK, but also towards this machine.