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PRATI announces Fastlane: The online technical assistance platform

As a leading manufacturer of label converting solutions, we felt that in view of the global scope of our business it was a priority to provide all our customers with access to the quickest possible support service, so we decided to launch FASTLANE SUPPORT.

FASTLANE SUPPORT is an online tech support tool designed to streamline requests for technical assistance. Less paperwork, fewer phone calls, more speed, greater satisfaction.

Accessible to all our customers 24/7, the online platform is personalised with a complete list of machines installed for each customer. Secure access takes the customer to their own page with machine details and serial numbers. Once the machine is selected, a menu provides an exhaustive list of potential alarms, malfunctions or other issues. The customer chooses the most appropriate one and adds a more detailed description, attaches a photo or videoclip and clicks the send button. It’s as simple as that!

We receive the request immediately and without needing to call back to check basic details, our technical staff start to work on the solution. The customer tracks status online at any time, making it easier to foresee a schedule and envisage reaching a solution. As soon as we receive your online request, we get in touch, treating your request according to your ticket registration on the FASTLANE SUPPORT platform.

The benefits of FASTLANE SUPPORT:

  • you have all your machines details, online, in your personal webpage
  • just 3 steps to ask for support and no need of phone calls, written emails or messages
  • the online platform is open 24/7, regardless the time zone.
  • the status report is online
  • you get Fastlane treatment for each request, as this contributes to everyone’s efficiency

It’s fast and takes you directly to the solution.