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PRATI and UPM Proliner: Eco Connection

The future of the label industry is increasingly more tied to the eco-sustainability of its processes and products. In Europe, the top-ranking certification in this sense is represented by the prestigious Ecolabel.

All PRATI Company machines are designed to be able to obtain such certification. Thanks to the brushless technology integrated in them, they are able to work with new ECO materials, with excellent quality results. One of the most representative substrates in this category is UPM Proliner: a highly-recyclable polypropylene liner with a 30 micron thickness which is fast replacing silicone paper, a material instead that is very hard to recycle and therefore involves high disposal costs. Besides ecological implications, UPM Proliner boasts a number of characteristics that make it appealing from a technical and economic viewpoint. Compared to silicone paper, printing and die cutting quality is in fact even better, machine down times are reduced (thanks to its lower thickness, larger mother reels can be loaded), machine speed can be increased (more resistant to tearing) and costs are the same if not lower.

The PRATI Company systems are able to manage, with utmost efficiency, all the operating phases that can become critical if performed using standard machines. To give just some examples, the step-by-step control of the power voltages provided by the brushless motor drives ensures a very smooth passage through the machine, while the use of self-sharpening universal blades eliminates the risk of micro-breakages. UPM-Raflatac has experienced such standards of efficiency with the PRATI Company machines, and also found a strong affinity with the principles which inspire the Company.

An identity of outlook that represents a solid foundation for future partnerships.