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PET Processors UK join Avery Dennison's PET liner recycling service

Avery Dennison has expanded its PET liner recycling program with the addition of a new collection facility for brand owners in United Kingdom and Ireland. Waste PET liners can now be sold directly to Avery Dennison?s recycling partner PET Processors UK in Dumfries, Scotland.

This program reflects our longstanding commitment to facilitate easy and effective recycling of PET release liner,? says Stephan Reis, who is responsible for the Liner Recycling program at Avery Dennison Materials Group Europe. We are proud to have found a recycling partner serving the UK and Ireland who can turn waste into a valuable new product. PET Processors UK creates thermal forming sheets for food containers and compounds for industrial use in automotive and construction from the recycled liner. With this new facility, brand owners in this region can directly benefit from the Avery Dennison recycling program with quantities as low as two tons.

This program can help brand owners realize their sustainability goals and it can generate significant income by eliminating the need to pay for landfill or incineration. For example, 1 million square meters of release liner waste is currently worth anything from GBP 5,000 to GBP 8,000. Reis concludes: Our goal is to link brand owners to local recycling facilities and make it as easy as possible for them to realize these returns.