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A partnership on environmental innovations in the wine business between UPM Raflatac and Castel

Optimized environmental performance and productivity
(29 September 2011) – Successfully used by Castel for the application of labels in its two bottling centers of Castel Languedoc Roussillon and Blanquefort Bordeaux, the UPM Raflatac ProLiner PP30 release liner allows Castel to improve its productivity and environmental performance.
The filmic release liner is characterized by lower weight and volume than paper-based glassine and results in both economic and environmental benefits for the largest producer of French wines: made from polypropylene, ProLiner PP30 is thinner and tougher than traditional liners and allows real productivity gains. For the same diameter, the reels are longer and can have 20% more labels, which means fewer reel changes on the bottling line, so less waste.
Castel have invested in a new labelling machine and the resilience of ProLiner PP30 helped increase the application speed of the labels on bottles, without break risk, from 12 000 to 25 000 bottles / hour. The ProLiner PP30 release liner is mainly used for label application on the Châteaux Castel bottles and on bottles of brands like Roche Mazet, the best-selling wine in France with 27 million bottles a year.
A major objective for Castel: to re-use or recycle its waste
The recyclability of the ProLiner PP30 release liner is an decisive argument for Castel that have set a target to increase by 5% per year the recycling or re-use of waste. UPM Raflatac has launched a waste management concept called RafCycle® that allows the collection and recycling of labelstock liners, avoiding incineration or landfill of waste. The ProLiner PP30 liners that are recovered can be used as raw material for the wood-plastic composite decking material UPM ProFi®.
In addition, the increase in the number of labels per reel enables an optimization of transport, thus reducing CO2 emissions. The higher productivity of machines ensures less downtime and substantial energy savings and allows Castel to improve their energy balance and carbon footprint.
Castel aim at continuing their involvement in technical partnerships with suppliers. The advantages of the ProLiner PP30 release liner enhance their development in terms of innovation and environment on the wine market worldwide.