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Outdoor Durability Extended

The outdoor durability of Innovia Films PVC free, Rayoart™ films for graphic arts applications, has been proven to withstand UV and other weather elements for up to four years. A doubling of their previous known exposure timeframe.

Richard Southward, Global Product Manager at Innovia Films states “This is a significant extension to their capability in external environments. Film colour and dimensional stability are unaffected with well over 3000 hours of accelerated aging to ASTM G154 standards. The films physical strength is retained and remains much higher than vinyl, making whole graphic removal at the end of a campaign quick and efficient. For flat and 1D applications up to 4yrs outdoor, it is the obvious choice material.

Rayoart™ films also offer the opportunity to reduce your global warming potential versus PVC by more than 50%, based on industry data.

Southward continues “Dimensional, colour and physical stability of our BOPP films are far superior to monomeric vinyl and now with their extended outdoor durability they offer real polymeric vinyl alternatives too. This means that a wider range of applications can be covered allowing more Brands and Retailers to further reduce the environmental impact of their advertising and signage”.