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Nilpeter press helps Scottish converter expand niche products

Despite generally difficult trading conditions, CV Labels Ltd is thriving. In mid-July it installed a new Nilpeter FB-2500 UV flexo press at its plant in Irvine, south-west Scotland, to meet expanded demand. It specialises in printing pressure-sensitive labels for pharmaceutical and medical products.

These use specialised substrates and security inks, such as encoded labels for blood transfusion bags, sterilisation labels with colour-change inks, and cyrogenic labels for liquid nitrogen freezing. CV Labels is the only Scottish label printer with PS 9000 accreditation from the Pharmaceutical Quality Group.
The new press is configured with six UV flexo units, plus hot-air dryers, die cutting module, laminating unit and a turner bar to facilitate reverse-side printing. With a top speed of 228 m/minute (750 ft/minute), the FB-2500 is intended for high performance production of paper and filmic labels and packaging materials. It joins a new A B Graphics Omega 330 slitter/rewinder with a 100 per cent web inspection camera, as well as an existing Omega slitter/rewinder with die cutter and Domino inkjet encoding printer.

'It is our first Nilpeter press and we were impressed with its trouble-free installation and current performance,' says Bob Veitch, managing director. 'The fact that it is fully modular with a range of add-ons will help us plan future production options.'

CV Labels was founded in 1989 and has 18 employees. It recently doubled its production area to 1,300 sq/metres (14,000 sq/feet). Annual turnover is over £1.7 million. The Scottish National Health Service is a major customer, but the company also produces full-colour premium labels, including those for malt whisky brands. It is also a reseller of thermal transfer printers and materials. To comply with customers' demands, especially those applying to medical products, the firm splits labels orders into two distinct colour-coded work streams using a Label Traxx management information system.

Technical note:
As part of the Nilpeter FB-Line, the modular FB-2500 UV flexo press has a maximum web width of 278mm (11 inches). It is designed for round-the-clock high performance and runs at up to 228 m/minute (750 ft/minute), making it one of the fastest UV flexo presses in its class. The flexo print units allow fast adjustments and rapid anilox roll changes. Options include water-cooled chill rollers on the integral UV curing lamp units to assist the converting of heat-sensitive materials, as well as rotary screen process and hot-foil modules.