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Nilpeter Introduces Two Innovative Flexo Presses and Inline Ancillaries

LabelExpo Europe 2013, Brussels (24 - 27 September) Hall 7, Stands L60 and L90

'NEXT - Your Challenge - Our Commitment' is the overall theme on Nilpeter's two adjoining stands, occupying 600 m2. With its customary focus on innovation, the Danish press manufacturer will introduce two new flexo presses for the first time at a European event. The FB-3 and FA-4* occupy two distinct niches and are based on new ground-up platforms. They include many innovative features designed to optimize production and maximise users' investments, with the accent on adding value to premium-quality labels. Press demonstrations will feature the production of value-added self-adhesive labels for the wines and spirits, food, and health and beauty sectors.

Adding value is a major feature of two other exhibits: The new FP-4 flatbed hot foil and embossing system for flexible inline production; also the G-4 inline gravure unit for printing value-adding metallic inks and other coatings on Nilpeter presses.
Show highlights in detail:

NEW in Europe: The High Performance FB-3
Nilpeter's FB-3 flexo press is one of the fastest label presses on the market. It delivers a top speed of 228 m/min. (750 ft/min.) with no compromises to print quality on webs up to 350 mm (13.75 in) wide. Although a high-performance press, the FB-3 remains competitive over a wide range of run lengths, including short runs. For example, the short web path allows fast job changeovers with minimum start-up waste. Each of the ergonomically-designed printing units include five servo systems to automate all adjustments for saving, loading and changing jobs, as well as for job pre-setting, impression settings, and side register load. A dual axis servo transport system ensures high levels of print reproduction and precise registration.

Standard equipment includes Nilpeter's Press Management Center (PMC) giving central control over press functions. It is augmented by the Air Control Satellite (ACS) for wireless press operation, and Nilpeter's Automatic Plate Positioning Systems (APPS). The press runs with either hot air dryers or inter-deck UV-curing lamp units. Other options include freely-positioned units for rotary UV-screen, as well as hot and cold foil.

FB-3 presses also include Nilpeter's CLEANINKING™ system for water-based or UV-cured flexo inks. Quick-release systems for handling anilox rolls and plate cylinders are improved by the company's quick-change Revolver Die-Cutting system. This offers on-the-fly loading and unloading of dies to reduce setup times and save material waste.

NEW FA-4* for Producing High Quality Labels and Flexible Packaging
Also new in Europe is Nilpeter's sleeve-based FA-4*. It has a web width of 420 mm (16.5 in), an extra short web path and a top speed of 175 m/min. (574 ft./min.). Together, they make the press a good choice for producing high-quality labels and flexible packaging in short runs with various repeat lengths.

The FA-4* includes Nilpeter's Press Management Center (PMC), giving centralised control over the main press functions. It is enhanced by the Air Control Satellite (ACS) for wireless press operation. Extra features include a new print-to-cylinder (P2C) register system. Optimal chill drum positioning facilitates the printing of heat-sensitive substrates.

The feature-rich FA-4* includes Nilpeter's CLEANINKING™ system for water-based or UV-cured flexo inks, a quick-lock system anilox rolls, and the PowerLink control system. Units that add value while minimising waste include Nilpeter's Quick-Change magnetic die module developed together with Kocher & Beck. It allows fast release of flexible dies, off-press die preparation, and easy-load tooling. Options include freely-positioned rotary UV-screen, hot and cold foil printing.

New: Inline FP-4 Hot Foil and Embossing unit
Nilpeter will introduce the FP-4 hot foiling and embossing system. The flatbed design allows sufficient dwell time to transfer the heat and impression required for optimum quality. Applications include adding value to profiled and textured self-adhesive materials, especially for short runs of premium-quality wine and spirits labels.

The system features fast setup times, minimum waste with integrated foil saving, and low foil and tooling costs. Multiple units placed in an optimum position on the press allow both simultaneous and separate foiling and embossing. The FP-4 has a maximum web width of 420 mm and runs in-line with Nilpeter's MO-Line (rotary offset presses), the FA-Line and FB-Line (flexo presses), as well as the CASLON (flexo and digital inkjet combination line). Depending on substrate (50 to 300 g/m2), the top speed is 300 strokes/min., or 60 m/min.

Nilpeter G-4 Gravure Unit
Shown as a static display, the G-4 gravure unit can be integrated in all Nilpeter presses. It offers users the flexibility of delivering high quality, added-value decorative or security services using metallic inks, opaque whites, and special coatings. The unit is prepared for both front and reverse-side printing, offering full compatibility with specific press controls. This ensures fast and simple setups and job changes with low material waste.

The G-4 unit includes an adjustable doctor blade, ink circulation system, viscosity control, and a drying and ventilating system. The integrated ventilation system for use with solvent-based inks ensures safe operation and optimum printing quality. The maximum print speed is 175 m/min. (575 ft./min.) using webs up to 420 mm wide (16.5 in).