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NFC-Sticker by Schreiner ProSecure is awarded MasterCard® certification

Security and quality for contactless payment function

Oberschleissheim, November 7, 2011 – The NFC-Sticker by Schreiner ProSecure for contactless payment of small amounts of money has been certified by finance services provider MasterCard®. This makes the specialty label with integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) technology a contactless credit card. The NFC-Sticker provides access to all worldwide MasterCard® PayPass™ stations and can therefore be used with any mobile phone today, irrespective of advances made in the development of NFC-capable cell phones.

The Global Vendor Certification Program (GVCP) certification by MasterCard® confirms that Schreiner Group provides the required security infrastructure and thus complies with the specified security standards across the entire production process of the NFC-Sticker. The label-integrated chip is based on the transmission standards of passive HF-RFID tags according to ISO 14443 and contains a special MasterCard® software application. The NFC-Sticker is available in various versions and can be used wherever an action can be triggered by a card—as a means of payment, customer card, proof of identity or as an admission pass.

Contactless payment processes cut transaction times in half compared with conventional card payments, according to the Smart Card Alliance, the leading association of the chip card industry. The user pays for a purchase by simply holding their card in front of the terminal. For small amounts below 25 euro there is no need to enter a PIN or sign a receipt. This leads to more secure payments as the card does not change hands. Waiting lines at the cash register are shortened and the payee benefits from optimized processes at the point of sale, resulting in higher convenience and customer satisfaction.

The intelligent NFC-Sticker can be applied to virtually any everyday item. Cell phones are particularly well suited for this purpose as they are typically within the user’s reach at all times. Due to a special shielding the sticker even works on metallic housings. The label also reliably adheres to uneven surfaces and can be non-residually detached. The technical product features and the design can be customized to suit the intended application. The NFC-Sticker’s versatility enables a wide range of contactless transactions and, in addition to payment systems, is used in customer retention programs as well as for access control and identification.

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