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Newly Published Guideline: Optimized RFID Labels for Returnable Transport Containers

Industry 4.0 starts with smart container tracking: At LogiMat 2017 from March 14 to 16 in Stuttgart, Schreiner ProTech will introduce the newly published guideline "Returnable Transport Containers with RFID" to the public – at stand 4G15 in hall 4 as well as during a presentation. The guideline describes requirements, specifications and product solutions for returnable transport containers and provides useful information for all large operators of returnable container systems who would like to equip their RTIs (returnable transport items) with RFID. The solution scenarios offered by Schreiner ProTech are based on the company's wide range of RFID labels especially designed for marking metal products.

Container marking with RFID requires a holistic approach if processes are to be implemented in the sense of Industry 4.0. To enable complete bulk reading, employees in logistics as well as process and production control need to consider many factors in advance. The improvement of workflows presents the greatest challenge and includes the optimization of the automated processing of empties, reduction of costs for replenishment, automated bulk reading in goods logistics as well as assembly and Kanban processes. Consistent readability of RFID labels adhered to plastic, metal and ESD materials is a decisive factor.

To ensure that all people involved know about the requirements and how to take all relevant aspects into account, the new guideline "Returnable Transport Containers with RFID" and the presentation held by Frank Linti on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 5.25 p.m. in Forum F (Hall 4) will provide comprehensive support in RFID applications. He will describe solution scenarios for numerous processes and requirements and provide information about how to mount RFID labels on the container, select suitable materials and ensure optimum durability throughout long-term use. Future options for container reading, technical and industrial requirements as well as the right way of stacking RFID containers on pallets are important aspects in guaranteeing optimum readability.