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New seal of quality – Gallus Screeny Genuine Plates

Redesigning the packaging of all Gallus Screeny products also involved revising the label function and introducing the new “Genuine Plates” seal of quality. This seal of quality
guarantees that users really will find what they ordered inside the packaging – an original screen from Gallus.

“Genuine Plates” is a guarantee of the properties and company values that users expect of an original product and the manufacturer of such a product – top quality, peace of mind,
performance, reliability, responsibility and technological progress. Gallus Screeny Genuine Plates are ideal for combination printing. For every need, there is an appropriate screen solution, as this is the only way to ensure an optimum print result. Using Gallus Screeny Genuine Plates also results in smooth, stable and reliable workflows
and printing processes – for true peace of mind. This makes it easier for print shops to plan production, adhere to deadlines and deliver labels on time.

Gallus Screeny Genuine Plates also enable users to get the most out of their press, with fast setup, minimal setup waste and maximum screen printing speeds. A holistic, integrated approach combining flexographic, offset and screen printing is adopted right from the design stage.

As a system supplier, Gallus also takes its promise of reliability very seriously. Its portfolio ranges from well thought-out, perfectly coordinated technical solutions to omprehensive
support from a team of specialists. Gallus is always there for users, offering advice over the phone, on-site service support and training, and handling customer problems, articularly those relating to screen printing in tandem with other print methods.

As a result of its ongoing development work, Gallus now has the most comprehensive product portfolio on the market and can thus offer a wide range of solutions for virtually any
screen printing application. Examples include the Gallus Screeny S-Line with re-usable screens and the Gallus Digital Screeny, which supports an optimised overall workflow.
Thanks to this intensive and continuous research and development work by Gallus, GallusScreeny Genuine Plates can be relied on to always provide an appropriate and effective
application – and that will also remain so in the future.

The new Gallus seal of quality “Genuine Plates” is thus a simple distinguishing feature that means customers can always be sure they really are using an original Gallus screen printing fabric – with all the above-mentioned benefits.