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New product development from your experts at Kocher + Beck

Experts within the Kocher + Beck Technology Center implemented an improvement on the established Non-stick coatings GLUEX PLUS and GLUEX ULTRA.

A newly developed surface structure ensures noticeably less adhesive buildup on the cutting line. This results in considerably longer intervals between cleaning- minimizing machine stoppage time, which ultimately results in a significant cost saving for the customer.

"We know about the increasing price pressure our customers in the label industry are under. The improved non-stick coating allows our customers to improve their costs and further optimize their cutting results ", says Sales Manager Martin Stierle.

The GLUEX PLUS coating from Kocher + Beck is the ideal solution especially in case of problems with adhesive bleed or blocked label rolls.

Furthermore optimization of the surface structure of the premium coating GLUEX ULTRA has been achieved, enhancing still further the non-stick effect.

The production processes has been streamlined significantly, reducing the production time of GLUEX ULTRA. GLUEX ULTRA can now be delivered just like GLUEX PLUS in only 48 hours.