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New film label face for A4 and cut-size printing in logistics and transport

UPM Raflatac has launched a new label film specified to make businesses more competitive in logistics and transport applications in. Many label printers and end-users in this segment use a standard matt-white polyester film which exceeds their requirements. The new Polylaser Logistics Fit label stock is strictly fit for purpose. It provides all the required properties, without the unnecessary weight. This also makes it a more environmentally responsible choice.

In label conversion, Polylaser Logistics Fit runs at high speeds on-press without matrix breaks. It has good pre-printing properties, and the RP FH adhesive has low bleed to keep converting lines clean and smoothly running.

For label end-users, excellent monochrome and colour laser printability combines with good toner anchorage for durable print even in humid conditions. Good lay-flat characteristics give excellent feed-through on laser printers, and the RP FH adhesive withstands high temperatures without bleeding to avoid printer jams and extend maintenance intervals.

Says Eulalia Alcaraz, Business Segment Director for A4 & Sheets at UPM Raflatac: “We set out to create a product that would reliably and sustainably provide all the required performance during conversion and laser printing as we cut back the unnecessary weight. The result is a product that does everything required of it in common logistics and transport applications, with an entirely new level of efficiency.”