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New euromedia products – shown for the first time at FESPA in Amsterdam

At FESPA 2016 in Amsterdam, Fujifilm presents the following products by its media brand euromedia for the first time
• FabricWall II, the mobile solution for textile graphics
• FabricCounter, the mobile folding counter for textile graphics
• Backlit PhotoPaper Standard, bright color reproduction, with and without backlit

FabricWall II
FabricWall II is an intelligent folding system for textile silicone edge graphics. The textile graphics are easily fixed by applying the silicone edge in the channel bars. With this system the print is always flat and straight. FabricWall II is light weighted and easy to transport in the provided carry bag. Accessories allow creating a full exhibition stand by connecting several FabricWall II systems to build a wall or connect them in a 90° angle.

FabricCounter is an intelligent folding counter system for textile silicone edge graphics. As with FarbricWall II, the textile graphics are fixed by applying the silicone edge in the channel bars flat and straight prints are guaranteed. Characteristic features of the FabricCounter are simple assembly, optimum stability, easy transport and small packing dimensions.

Backlit PhotoPaper Standard
For FESPA 2016 Fujifilm started to revise the range of euromedia photo paper materials. The objective is to provide an easy to understand paper portfolio covering all important applications.

With this in mind a recent addition to the portfolio is euromedia Backlit PhotoPaper Standard as a successor of the existing euromedia Lightbox Paper.
The satin matt paper is the best choice for light boxes for indoor and outdoor use and convinces with its brilliant colors. The reproduction is homogeneous and cloudless in transmission. euromedia BacklitPhoto Paper Standard dries quickly and is suitable for Solvent, Latex and UV printers. The PEFC certified paper is dimensionally stable and resistant to condensation.

The special feature of this product: It provides two functions in one. euromedia Backlit PhotoPaper Standard can be used both in transmitted light and, as a Poster or Photo Paper, with reflected light. The satin matte coating guarantees reproduction of bright colors and excellent contrast without annoying reflections.