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New Avery Dennison Trueimpact™ films offer a more sustainable alternative to PVC graphic print film

Avery Dennison today introduced a range of digital and screen printing films that combine powerful graphics with a lower environmental impact. TrueImpact™ films give converters a more sustainable choice for indoor mid-term graphics applications. The product line is currently available in six constructions, including a white multi-print film and the choice of a matt or gloss protective overlaminate.

Although PVC films are readily used in many graphic applications today, there are a growing number of customers looking for alternative materials that have an improved environmental health footprint across the manufacturing, use and disposal phase of the product lifecycle. According to Elizabeth Park, Avery Dennison senior product manager for new graphic technologies, “A sustainability goal of ‘PVC out’ is now a priority for many end users and TrueImpact TMP 7000 / TOL 7000 series films allow converters to differentiate their offer and open up new business opportunities.”

The patented series TMP 7000 / TOL 7000 films are 100% free of PVC and phthalates, and deliver high-level performance. An easy-to-clean overlaminate resists graffiti and protects the material for up to five years in interior applications, and the films will conform to both flat surfaces and simple curves.

Liners for the entire range are FSC- or SIF-certified, and the products are RoHS- and REACH- compliant. Compared with existing PVC films, sustainability benefits are 9% less energy use, 12% lower greenhouse gas emissions and 13% less solid waste. Park notes that “by offering an alternative with much lower environmental impact, converters can help their customers to meet sustainability obligations, and to prove that they have done so with Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) data.”

The wider business benefits are also substantial. TrueImpact TMP 7000 / TOL 7000 series films limit stock holding and enable more design and colour choices because they suit latex, UV, eco-solvent, and solvent inkjet platforms, as well as screen printing. The new TrueImpact portfolio also meets the international standards for flame propagation on burning (EN13501-1 and ASTM-E 84), which is an important health and safety requirement in contained spaces such as public buildings and transport systems.

All TrueImpact materials are offered with the Avery Dennison Integrated Component System (ICS) warranty for individual projects. More information on the range is available at graphics.averydennison.eu/TrueImpact.