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Nearly 1000 trees planted and 371,900 kg less CO2, thanks to PRATI.

Just when our planet needs everyone’s support, governments, companies and people, PRATI is in there.

The Faenza-based company has always paid close attention to sustainability, driving technological innovations to improve the efficiency of its solutions and, consequently, optimise energy consumption.

For several years, PRATI has been taking part in the global TREEDOM initiative. Founded in Italy 10 years ago, TREEDOM helps populations in certain geographic areas around the world, planting fruit trees that contribute to the local economy and produce environmental and social benefits. Rural farmers in Asia, the African continent, Latin America and Italy are involved. The trees are purchased by companies and virtually given to partners or customers as a sign of shared solidarity.

PRATI chose to promote this initiative in just one country: Kenya. Since adhering to the project, the company has planted 930 trees of many species: Calliandra, Moringa, Markhamia, Guava, Mango, Avocado, Grevillea, Tephrosia, Macadamia and Banana. There are already many beneficial effects on air pollution, helping not only the geographical areas where trees are planted, but also the climate in general. 371,900 kg fewer CO2 emissions are a drop in the ocean, but a significant reduction, considering that a family produces on average 6,500 kg of CO2 per year.

Certainly the partners of the Faenza-based company will not taste the fruits of the trees planted by PRATI in Kenya, but everyone, especially future generations, will sooner or later reap the fruits of this beautiful initiative.