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Müroll GmbH Invests in their first Nilpeter FA-22

Müroll GmbH, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of adhesive tape, has invested in the company’s first Nilpeter FA-22. Müroll GmbH is based in Frastanz, Austria, and has an additional two European production sites.

200 Million m² of Self-Adhesive Tape
In Frastanz alone, in the company’s 25,000 m² production and storage facilities, nearly 200 million m² of self-adhesive tape are produced using polypropylene (BOPP / MOPP), PVC, and paper substrates. At this, the parent plant, the first 570 mm web width Nilpeter FA-Line for water-based inks has now been installed.

Maximum Efficiency
At the start, the machine was designed for the production of paper materials, which are used for adhesive roll cores, tickets, and other paper products. However, in order to expand the possible product portfolio in advance, the machine is also equipped with a rotary die-cutter, a cross-over unit, and expansion options for UV- and LED-drying. This alternative drying technology can subsequently also be used in combination with the existing hot air drying system. Due to the high degree of automation, the short web path, and the significantly reduced waste, even very small jobs can be produced with maximum efficiency.

Maintaining Competitiveness at the Highest Level
Kurt Pichler, Managing Director of Müroll GmbH, comments, "In our industry, we see continuing reduction of job sizes, shorter product life cycles for our customers, and strong international competition. As a producer in a relatively high-wage environment, you have to maintain your own competitiveness at the highest level using state-of-the-art machine technology and efficiency. Our new Nilpeter FA-22 provides massive support in this effort."

Furthermore, through Müroll GmbH’s subsidiary Logett GmbH, which specializes in the production of self-adhesive labels, there is also access to further market segments, which opens up additional synergy effects with the new FA-22..