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Mox from Esko delivers industry-leading packaging and label management capabilities to growing brands and small businesses

Esko has launched a new software solution to help growing brands and small businesses bring quality products to market in a consistent, fast, and sustainable way. Mox is the new cloud-based tool that has been specifically developed to help small-to-medium sized consumer brands (SMB) meet the challenges of today’s omnichannel market, to work more efficiently, and to deliver right-first-time packaging and marketing content on time.

“Combining project management with digital proofing and DAM in one simple solution enables small teams and growing businesses to increase their speed and simplify their go-to-market processes,” explained Adrian Fernandez, general manager of Mox. “This rapidly reduces approval time for impactful product packaging and content, enabling teams to develop and deliver artwork and content to get new SKUs to market quickly, efficiently and in compliance with all regulation requirements.”

Adrian added that Mox was created by Esko, the global provider of software and hardware solutions that accelerate the go-to-market process of packaged goods. “With Mox, we are leveraging the many years of Esko’s experience with top consumer product companies and their ecosystems,” he said. “We have been able to use that to develop a new best-practice software tailored to the needs and budget of growing consumer brands, helping them increase productivity, reduce costs, and save time in their packaging and content creation process.

“We developed Mox as a collaborative, scalable solution for marketers, packaging and project managers, creatives, and all internal and external stakeholders who participate in creating and distributing product packaging and content,” he said. “Many businesses and brand teams are still relying on emails with file attachments, spreadsheets and shared drives for workflow management and collaboration. In today’s omnichannel environment, this is simply no longer fit for purpose. It’s easy to lose track of digital assets and team’s input, especially for approvals, feedback, and version histories,” he said. “If the final content is incorrect, or the wrong version is used at the wrong stage of the go-to-market process, brand reputation is at risk.

“Mox delivers real-time project and task visibility, improves collaboration, and helps accelerate speed to market. It provides the tools you need to take control and scale your brand,” said Adrian. “With Mox, small businesses and growing brand teams can now get to market faster, overcoming the challenges of demand for ever-changing SKUs in a fast-paced, omnichannel market - and all while safeguarding their brand consistency.”

Mox delivers a host of benefits to businesses, including:

  • Collaboration - Bring internal and external contributors together with the right information to create and review before product launch
  • Review & Approve - Get feedback in real-time, make revisions, and obtain approval before content distribution, with automated notifications
  • Workflow Templates - Configure and build standardized templates to use consistently every time
  • Track & Audit - Fully understand your content process, including when, how, and who approved it
  • Advanced Proofing Capabilities – View content for proofing with deep zoom, visual comparisons, ink type and density, and font usage for most popular file formats
  • Digital Asset Management – Tag and organize content, leveraging metadata with 100 GB of storage per user
  • Permissions & Roles - Manage who has access to projects and assets, including fast external sharing

“Mox serves to connect teams, content, and consumers at SMB brands like never before,” said Adrian. “With Mox, businesses can create content that actually connects their brand to their consumers, helping teams to build brands that people love.”

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