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Mondi to show how its innovative packaging solutions respond to industry and end-user trends at interpack 2017

Mondi, the international packaging and paper Group, will show how its packaging solutions are addressing current trends at interpack – the world’s largest trade fair for the packaging industry. Consumers today are sophisticated and demanding. They prefer packaging that is convenient and that helps them make a buying decision. According to a survey from the market intelligence agency Mintel on Packaging Trends 2017, today’s consumers are also attracted by packaging that stands out through unusual and pleasing design, texture or innovative features.

To meet these expectations, consumer goods producers are asking the packaging industry for solutions and materials that are easy to use and that help increase brand recognition, differentiate at the point of sale and build trust with consumers. “This means our customers want packaging that protects the product perfectly and also adds value,” says Albert Klinkhammer, Group Marketing Director. 

Under the theme of ‘Discover how Mondi’s products touch millions of lives, every day’, the company will show how its solutions protect and preserve the things that really matter in everyday life and that can help a brand stand out. Albert Klinkhammer says, “Every day, millions of people are in touch with Mondi packaging without even realising it. The interpack fair is a great platform for us as it lets the international audience discover more about the solutions we offer and how we’re addressing packaging trends.”

Mondi has identified for the interpack five industry trends linked with its innovative packaging solutions that visitors can experience at their booth.

1. Convenience: busy lifestyles, more single households, and longer life expectancy are all factors driving the importance of convenient packaging solutions. Consumers want packaging that is quick and simple to handle, can be reclosed to preserve partially consumed contents, can be disposed of easily, and is suitable for on-the-go consumption – as highlighted by the Mintel survey on Packaging Trends 2017.

o Mondi’s ‘easy-open initiative’ has produced several innovations to meet the needs of all customer ages, which visitors can experience at its interpack booth. They include CornerPack, StripePack, FlexziBox Flat Bottom with diverse features, ZipperPouch and Peel Film. In collaboration with Twinings, a well-known tea manufacturer, Mondi developed an innovative ZipperPouch with a special structure and new look and feel that can be easily opened and reclosed including high visibility on the shelf.

o Mondi’s water-soluble film adds convenience to daily life. The film dissolves in water and is biodegradable, making it an excellent choice for packaging single doses of household detergents in the form of powders, tabs and granulates. Not only does it protect both the product and end-user, Mondi’s water-soluble film is more environmentally friendly than other similar products.

2. Packaging with a natural look and feel: Differentiation at the point of sale is one of the most important factors influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions. The growing trend towards packaging with a natural look and feel helps brands stand out. What’s more, high-quality food packaging is an indicator of premium product quality and stimulates positive consumer perceptions about the product.

o Mondi’s paper touch solutions help brands to differentiate on the shelf by combining a natural look and feel with optimal freshness protection. One example is ArtPack, a special matte lacquer applied to flexible film that looks and feels like real paper. ArtPack won a 2016 German Packaging Award for Krosse Kerle potato crisp packaging.

o Another example is PaperPack, a combination of paper and flexible film available as reel-stock or pre-made pouches with customisable windows for display of the packaged contents. Food producers want to emphasise the natural and fresh qualities of their products without sacrificing on the barrier properties. The packaging they choose makes an important first impression on consumers.

3. Packaging that builds trust with consumers: End-users increasingly want to see and evaluate the product inside the package, especially for food packaging, according to the Mintel survey on Packaging Trends 2017. Being able to see the product stimulates their buying behaviour and increases purchasing confidence.

o Mondi offers different cut out window solutions for a wide number of packaging applications. SKOG is made of Mondi’s FSC®-certified sack kraft paper combined with extrusion coating technology. The unique and environmentally friendly solution has been developed in cooperation with Silbo, a packaging converting company. It keeps food fresh and allows the package to be thermo-sealed – while still offering the consumer a view of what is inside.

4. Packaging that boosts brand recognition: In an increasingly competitive marketplace, Mondi’s customers want packaging that enhances their brand recognition to promote sales and increase market share.

o Stand-up pouches are growing in popularity with their vivid printing, clear designs and convenient use. According to 2014 research by Schönwald Consulting, total global sales of stand-up pouches are expected to increase from $6.6 billion in 2013 to around $10.5 billion by 2018 as demand increases. Mondi produces laminates and pre-made pouches (retortable and non-retortable) in its European, Asian and American sites. Optional features include spouts, reclosable functions, hot-fill, easy-tear properties and even customised pouch shapes.

o With Advantage Kraft White Print sack kraft paper, customers benefit from advanced branding possibilities. The paper combines the excellent printability of calandered machine finished grades with the strength properties of standard sack kraft papers. This paper is the perfect match for open mouth bags to set brands such as flour or sugar for example, apart on the shelf.

o Mondi’s WhiteTop Kraftliner offer optimal printability with its bright surface for premium branding. The paper grades do not compromise on strength, offering a strongbox performance, for example, for shelf-ready packaging solutions that seek to catch the eye. With its smooth, bright surface, Mondi ProVantage Komiwhite and ProVantage Baywhite – which is used by Casali, a brand from the Austrian confectionery manufacturer Manner, for premium product presentation – can enhance a brand’s image and messages, setting a product apart from the competition.

5. Eye-catching corrugated solutions trending in the cold chain: The food, medical and flower industries all face the same challenge of transporting products that need to be kept chilled at up to five different temperature zones. At the same time, these industries want packaging solutions that are sustainable and space-efficient. With a range of examples, Mondi will show how well corrugated can perform in the cool chain while being an eye-catcher and product promoter at the point of sale. The latest innovation, which is currently in patent registration, pays tribute to the need for high strength paired with the utmost material efficiency.

Mondi anticipates changing customer needs by applying the latest materials, designs and technologies in its packaging solutions on show at interpack. The company works closely with customers to help their brands stand out and appeal to today’s consumers. For customers from many different industries, Mondi creates packaging solutions that are as cost-effective, innovative and sustainable as possible.

Mondi is a member of the SAVE FOOD initiative, a global effort to reduce food waste and loss. At this year’s innovationparc SAVE FOOD forum at interpack, Mondi will address the topic of ‘How barrier properties of packaging can minimise food waste’. Martin Messner, Head of the Mondi E&I Food Safety Laboratory, and Falk Paulsen, Sales Director Mondi Extrusion Coatings, will be sharing their insights at the event. Martin Messner explains, “We are convinced that sustainable and innovative packaging helps reduce waste and is part of the solution to support the SAVE FOOD initiative. Our packaging and barrier innovations can make a significant contribution to preventing food loss.” Some of the solutions like the mineral oil barrier Miprotex, reclosable plastic bags with various features and single serve stand-up pouches will be displayed at the fair to the international audience.

Visit the Mondi booth in Hall 9, Booth A24/B23, at interpack, 4-10 May in Düsseldorf to learn more about packaging trends and solutions. Mondi’s team of experts looks forward to welcoming you and helping you discover how Mondi’s products touch the lives of millions, every day.

You can find out more about Mondi and its presence at interpack 2017 at www.mondigroup.com/interpack