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Mondi helps industrial customers switch to heavy-duty corrugated packaging

“All big things should come in smart packages” is the slogan of Mondi’s new marketing campaign for its heavy-duty (HD) corrugated solutions. Mondi is a leading European supplier of sustainable HD corrugated solutions with plants in Germany, Poland and Turkey creating fit-for-purpose packaging for industries as varied as automotive, chemical, machinery, metal, solar energy, heavy consumer durables, white goods, home construction and fittings, sports and leisure.

Mondi is making good progress in terms of integrating its new Turkish HD corrugated plants in Bursa, Corum and Gebze with its plants in Germany (Ansbach) and Poland (Simet), following the acquisition of Olmuksan in 2021. In recent years, Mondi has invested in new capacity, technology and machinery at its Ansbach and Simet plants, which are now some of Europe’s largest full-service, state-of-the-art facilities. Mondi Olmuksan is one of the leading players in the HD sector in Turkey, further expanding the group’s capacity to serve a broader range of industries and geographies.

“Our customers have been impressed that a HD corrugated container can withstand a tonne of top weight, or that a corrugated box can safely transport heavy items through hot and humid climates. Once they realise that HD corrugated solutions are a viable alternative, they get excited about all the added benefits of customisation, handling and transport efficiencies. And of course, switching to a lightweight, paper-based, recyclable material helps our customers achieve their own sustainability goals,” said Gerald Dörzbach, Sales Director at Mondi Wellpappe Ansbach

Mondi supports customers in making the switch to HD corrugated packaging, working closely together from initial analysis to design and implementation. Mondi´s new ThinkBox customer engagement centres are providing a dedicated space for collaboration and the development of solutions in the HD and industrial segment. Customers benefit from tailor-made, lightweight solutions that are a perfect fit for oddly shaped or heavy products while increasing the number of items per pack and maximising the use of limited cargo space.

“Shipping large and heavy items is increasingly complex and costly, in addition to the environmental impact. That’s why we believe ‘all big things should come in smart packages’. Manufacturers could benefit from switching to HD corrugated packaging for reasons of operational processes, logistics as well as sustainability. We want to reach companies who may not have considered the possibility of a paper-based alternative to traditional crates and containers. We look forward to developing customised solutions that not only meet their needs, but are sustainable by design,” said Tarik Aniba, Sales and Marketing Director, Mondi Corrugated Solutions.