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Mondi expands its range of plastic-free eCommerce packaging with MailerBAG

Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, is increasing capacity for their paper-based MailerBAG range to further replace plastic packaging in eCommerce with a recyclable solution made of responsibly sourced renewable materials.

The innovative MailerBAG is now available in three designs, with the flat bottom version complementing the existing range of pinch and folded bottom bags, as each one offers consumers user-friendly packaging with multiple advantages. This includes easy closing for packing, expandability for bulkier goods, and easy resealing functionality for returns. The bags are made from kraft paper, a renewable material, and are completely re-usable and recyclable. MailerBAGs protect products without transporting too much air, meaning less space in storage and transit due to their flexible properties. The bags can be used and shipped worldwide.

Mondi is investing in its European operations to improve and grow its services to customers, upscaling MailerBAG production to approximately 350 million bags per year, responding to strong growth and customer demand for flexible packaging in eCommerce. When used to replace standard plastic mailers, this scale-up in production has the potential to substitute approximately 7,000 tonnes of plastic per year.

Thierry De-Vleminck, Project Manager MailerBAG, Mondi says: “The global market for eCommerce packaging was worth $49 billion[1] in 2020 and it is expected to continue to grow strongly, driving demand for sustainable flexible packaging solutions. Retailers and logistics providers are rightly concerned about the impact this has on the world around us. Our aim at Mondi is always to create packaging solutions that are sustainable by design and work for the consumer, the customer and the environment - the MailerBAG range does that, offering a sustainable, easy to use alternative.”

Technical details:

  • MailerBAG is available with a folded, pinch or flat bottom in a wide range of sizes
  • It features a double closing strip and tear tape opening for easy closing and resealing for returns
  • Also available with gusset

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