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Mitsubishi thermal papers approved by HP Indigo

The demand for personalized pre-printed media in small runs is increasing steadily. HP Indigo is one of the leading printing technologies in this area. A wide range of thermal papers from Mitsubishi HiTec Paper has now been approved by HP Indigo.

Mitsubishi HiTec Paper is the first thermal paper manufacturer to offer a comprehensive range of approved products for use on HP Indigo digital presses:
· From 57 to 233 gsm
· With or without a protective top coat
· For front side or reverse side printing with the HP Indigo technology
The new thermoscript "I-series", a non top coated thermal paper, is perfectly preprintable on the thermal front side on HP Indigo presses. The thermoscript "E-Series", a top coated thermal paper, offers excellent reverse-side printing features, whilst the "IE-Series" is printable on both sides on HP Indigo presses. The use of a primer is not necessary.

With these new product certifications, Mitsubishi is adapting to changing market conditions and customer requirements. Applications such as short runs of personalized event tickets or labels are now possible with HP Indigo pre-printed thermal paper. Thus, the advantages of both printing technologies are used effectively.