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Mini Pressure Compensation Seals (PCS) Including Service – from a Single Source

Pressure Compensation in Miniature Design
Even the smallest elements and components in technical industries and the automotive sector have a housing that needs to be reliably ventilated. Schreiner ProTech produces Mini Pressure Compensation Seals (PCS) with a diameter of 3 or 4 mm that seal housing openings, thus preventing the entry of water and dust. At the same time Schreiner Services offers a system for process-reliable application tailored to specific customer requirements.

Control units, PCB connections or filters: there is a clear trend towards "small and lightweight", especially when it comes to motor vehicle production. Schreiner ProTech responds to this development in the automotive industry with Mini Pressure Compensation Seals (PCS) that perfectly protect small component openings. PCSs are self-adhesive, air-permeable membranes which are precisely adapted to the individual substrate. Water, oil and fuel simply roll off their surface.

Mini PCSs, for instance, are applied for pressure transducers used in engines, brake systems or pneumatic units. Other sensors measure humidity, temperature fluctuations or the distance to other road users. The sensitive components are subjected to rough environmental influences which put them under exceptional stress. Especially electronics must be protected against rain, splashes of water, oil and salt while continuous ventilation ensures pressure compensation. The small yet powerful Mini PCSs meet all technical requirements for ventilating sensor electronics and providing protection against external influences.

Challenges posed by miniaturization
The miniaturization of Pressure Compensation Seals requires significantly higher process reliability when the PCS is applied to the sensor, since the tolerances for exact positioning are considerably smaller. In order to leave the ventilation hole completely open the maximum positioning tolerance must not exceed ± 0.2 mm – and all of that with a PCS diameter of 3 mm. For process-reliable application to components Schreiner ProTech and Schreiner Services offer an application system that is perfectly tailored to Mini PCSs and all process parameters and can be integrated into fully automated manufacturing lines for large quantities and multi-shift operation. The application system features a special centering unit. Contact pressure of the membrane is solved separately. All processes are controlled by a Siemens S7 control unit. Contact pressure during application and duration of pressure can be precisely adjusted throughout processing. In addition, both parameters are closely monitored by the system. "Another great advantage for application in continuous operation is the robust design of the entire dispensing unit" explains Annette Barth, Product Manager at Schreiner ProTech.