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Meet the newest addition to the MPS Team: Welcoming Davide Pomati

At MPS, we're not just a team; we're a diverse group of professionals with unique backgrounds and experiences. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to Davide Pomati, our latest team member who's bringing a wealth of expertise to MPS as Regional Sales Director for the mediterranean area (Italy, France and French speaking countries, Greece and Balkans). 

His journey at MPS began with a passion for challenging the label and packaging industry's dynamic landscape, guided by his relentless drive.  

Hailing from the charming Italian village of Caresana in Piemonte, Davide brings a unique blend of technology, sales expertise, and a farmer's cultural heritage. His roots and diverse experiences have molded him into a well-rounded professional. Davide thrives on continuous learning, market insight, and collaborative teamwork, showing unwavering dedication to personal and team growth. His journey has traversed diverse cultures and business practices, from a family-owned web offset printing company to an international role with Contiweb. 

At MPS, Davide's mission is about transformation and innovation, striving to contribute to the company's success and flourish in a dynamic market. His forward-looking approach includes exploring the future of labels, uncovering new opportunities for MPS presses, and actively participating in internal sales, marketing, and document initiatives. 

Life beyond the profession 

Beyond work, Davide's love for sports, including football, kickboxing, and horse riding, offers him both solace and stress relief in the gym. Maintaining a connection to his roots, he breeds oxen—a cherished tradition from his village. 

In the spirit of proactivity and excellence, Davide shares a powerful reminder: "Take initiatives! Only those who do nothing don't make mistakes." 

Welcome, Davide, to the next chapter of your journey at MPS!